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Escape to serenity and take a walk back into history at The Waterwheel.

The Waterwheel



Meet the team at The Waterwheel. All of our members have decades of experience in helping you cultivate the best event or getaway you can dream of.



In 2019, Mike Spaccarelli, owner of The Waterwheel decided to transform his 18 acres in Poughquag, New York into a private vineyard, venue and destination. The journey has been metaphorically a work of art, a true masterpiece. Before diving into this extensive project, Mike had been collecting antiques, artwork, and salvaging old buildings & barns found throughout the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York for almost five years before building of The Waterwheel began. It is true what they say, you could visit The Waterwheel a million times, and there would still be something new to discover and another story to hear. 

The stories, the entire oasis of serenity that protrudes from the seams of every corner of this magical place, that is exactly what drove Mike to build The Waterwheel around his family. The Spaccarellis run deep in their family roots here in the Hudson Valley and beyond. And it was only fitting to continue the family history by establishing something like none other in the Hudson Valley, the epicenter, the home of his family. You can look far and wide, but there is truly nothing like The Waterwheel. 

We invite you join us for your special occasion at The Waterwheel and see for yourself what a meticulously curated piece of standing art The Waterwheel exhibits. Come escape to serenity, we cannot wait to have you. 


The History


Mike, has owned The Waterwheel property long before even considering building what we are today. Not only does this piece of land hold sentimental value to him and his family, but this place was once something special. While we are still in the works of figuring out what was once here, The Waterwheel got its name from exactly that. Found upstream from the beautiful patio and outdoor bar, is an old waterwheel. The mystery of what it was once used for and who used it is beyond intriguing, hence the synonymous name The Waterwheel. The wonder, the mystery, the "wow" factor is what we try to embody as a whole. 

The main part of the house is a 100+ year old barn from New Milford, CT That was to be demolished. Mike and his team carefully took the barn down piece by piece, and color coded every piece of wood and relocated it to The Waterwheel. That was just the start. Old barns and building kept popping up, such as the wood floors from old church pews, or the Architectual octagon and main bedroom floors that was reclaimed from an old chicken coop in Hurley, NY. 

On Innis Avenue in the heart of Poughkeepsie stood two 150+ year old barns that Mike and his team, yet again, took down piece by piece, color coated and transformed into renewed perfection. Which in return, has become perhaps one of the favorites amongst visitors - the porch and overall appearance of The Main House. In fact, the board and batten exterior comes to a pencil point just as it did on the old barns. Mike made sure to not miss any key element of restoring what was once a piece of history in Poughkeepsie so that it could continue its legacy here at The Waterwheel.

Continuing into The Main House, it is nothing less than a museum of eccentric, rich history. Every inch of this home has been thoughtfully curated to bring peace, tranquility, and pure relaxation.  It is without doubt, every single person who visits The Waterwheel feels at such ease but also astonished of the antiquity that you find here. As soon as you enter you will find the same craftsmanship inside that you do on the exterior. 

Each room of the house is thoughtful in design, embodying a different "theme" and uniqueness. From the Marilyn Monroe bedroom to the Spanish influenced living room each room has a piece of history giving ode to its motif. Scattered throughout, you will find heirlooms from the Spaccarelli family, collectibles and antiques. Mike took years to collect, create and design every piece of the interior. For example, the old safe from the 1800s sit as part of the kitchen island. Weighing in over 1700lbs, Mike has to structurally engineer the floor to hold the weight of the safe. Opposite of that in the dining room is a 15-foot dining table created from an old, salvaged barn floor over 200 years old from Milton NY. Surrounding the table are handmade chairs made from old sunken wood boats. Mike has breathed life back into these old forgotten items. 

Back outside in the venue area the history only continues. The same barn floor that makes up the 200-year-old dining room table, has been salvaged in its entirety and made into an elaborate outdoor bar complete with a fireplace, kitchen and outdoor pizza oven. The extensive detail continues throughout the entire area with a salvaged corn crib enamored with stain glass and a crystal chandelier and an expansive patio overlooking the stream and horse farm. The vineyard is ever so elegantly surrounding the backdrop of the patio area - it is picturesque. 

The history that has been captured here is truly one that someone must see for themselves for it is so expansive that no words could capture everything in its absoluteness.


We hope to host you at The Waterwheel. Come escape to serenity. 


The Vineyard


The vineyard consists of 4 variety of grapes and over 7,500 individual vines. Our vineyard manager, Michael Spaccarelli Jr., owner of The Waterwheels son, meticulously hand tends to the grapes and takes on the labor-intensive task of preparing our grapes to be made into our boutique wine. This labor of love has produced some of the most delicious wine you've tasted.

The vineyard is home to four different types of grapes, producing everything from our classic vintage to cabernet. Our wine at The Waterwheel is extremely exclusive with only a select few cases produced every year, and since it is not available for purchase, it is truly an honor to be able to have a glass of our house made wine in hand.

Our beautiful vineyard ever so majestically over looks almost all of The Waterwheel premises, gatekeeping the tranquility and peace that surrounds us. This picturesque backdrop is the perfect place for photo ops for your wedding, or a stroll during sunset with a glass of wine in hand. You can even catch the morning rays, glimmering on the early dawn dew that is ever so eloquently clinging to the grape leaves with a cup of tea. It is the perfect place for grounding and embracing the start of the day. 

Our private vineyard awaits you.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


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